About GrowthKit

GrowthKit was built by Swpely founder Jay Desai.

👋 Hey, I'm Jay, the founder of Swpely and GrowthKit! I've been a tools junkie for as long as I can remember.

Even though my actual tech stack is pretty lean (keeps the overhead low too), I'm always on the hunt for new tools and resources that can help build and grow the ideas I'm working on, and not cost me an arm and a leg while doing so.

That's why I'm building GrowthKit.

What is GrowthKit?

GrowthKit is a 100% FREE website where other startup, small businesses, and soloprenuers can find tools and resources to also help build and grow their business efficiently (low-cost tools + resources with high impact).

GrowthKit has everything to help you generate ideas, launch quickly (and without code if you choose), scale your business, and save you 1000s of dollars and hours doing so!

Why GrowthKit?

There are millions of platforms, resources, and deals on the internet. But most are of low value and only a very few are of high value.

We're building a place where only the most impactful tools and resources live.

You will find:
- Tools and resources <$150/mo
- Tools and resources that are transparent. You need to share pricing information. At least a starting point
- Easy to set up and self-sign up
- Deals that will save you $1000s

You won't find:
- Enterprise tools that need a team to manage
- Tools and resources that only have a demo option
- Tools and resources that require a demo before signing up

Everything here is hand-picked for you to keep growing without burning a hole in your wallet.

I have a tool or resource perfect for GrowthKit, can I list it here?

If you think your tool or resource would be a good fit for GrowthKit, you can submit it here.

Note: We don't accept every tool or resource that submits to GrowthKit. We're looking to build a place for the top 1% of tools and resources and we reserve the right to exclude tools and resources submitted here that don't fit what we're building.

We evaluate submitted listings on:
- Cost
- Ease of use (and ease of set up)
- User experience
- User interface
- Number of users

To improve your chance of being listed, make sure to provide a compelling reason on why you deserve to be listed when you submit!

If you want to guarantee placement, you can purchase a paid listing here! Paid listings are the only way to guarantee listings. A paid listing will also give you a free listing for life!

I have feedback for GrowthKit, where do I share that?

You can share feedback with us here!

If you find a tool or resource with incorrect information, there is an "Update this listing" button on every listing page where you can submit feedback.

If we've listed your tool or resource and want to change information or remove it from GrowthKit, click the "Leave Feedback" button in the navigation to reach out to us!

How is GrowthKit built?

GrowthKit is built with Webflow, Airtable, and Zapier.

We bought our domain from NameCheap, created our logo in Figma, and used Coolors (a tool listed on this site) to pick the colors for our brand.

Big shoutouts to Finsweet, which provided some of the code to help us pass the 1 nested collection per page limitation of Webflow, and Connor Finlayson, whose automation we copied to keep our Airtable and Webflow records in sync.

How do I get in touch with you?

If you'd like to submit a new listing to add to our GrowthKit, please use the form linked above.

For press/media inquiries or anything else, email GrowthKit at team@growthkit.so.